EASY Fall fix-ups for your Home

Home Improvement



Fall is in the air.

Here are some easy Home Improvement chores you can do to increase the value of your home just by doing the right thing.


Now is a good time to take care of those projects you've been putting off all year! Summer's over, the kids are back in school and it's time to get down to some of that deferred maintenance you may or may not have been thinking about. Whether or not it's been forefront on your mind... it's necessary to keep the value of your home up and to help keep your home in tip top condition. A little bit of prevention now will go a long way in the future to keep your home happy and of high value.


  • Cleaning out your rain gutters and downspouts of leafs and debris that may have accumulated over the year can save you money and prevent damage to your home! Water can get under your roof and cause damage to the roof, get into the walls, create mold issues and other problems. Simply keep your gutters cleared to prevent these issues.

 Get a ladder that can safely reach your roofs eaves to inspect your gutters to determine if they have become affected by leafs or debris. To clean out you can easily remove the clogging debris with your hands or there are several tools out there that you can acquire that are designed for aiding in the cleaning of various types of rain gutters. There are even attachments for your garden hose or power washer that are designed just for this task and really help to make it easy. Consider installing gutter guards for future ease of cleaning...

(While doing this... inspect your roof for any damage or wear and tear. If the shingles are curling, buckling or cracking, replace them! A lot of damage means time to replace the roof.)


  • Keeping your wood trim sealed from weather and insects is very important! Moisture and insects can cause major irreversible damage to wood and other materials if left unprotected.

Take a screwdriver and probe around the wood, vinyl or aluminum windows, doors, railings and decks to remove bugs and debris while checking for issues. Use caulk/putty to fill any holes or gaps or completely replace any damaged wood.


  • Painting - Lower temperatures and humidity also make fall a great time for painting the exterior your home. Keeping the paint in good condition will go a long way in the protection of your biggest investment, your home! It will also help to keep your castle looking its finest for a long time to come.

House painting is a very important process in retaining your homes value as well as providing protection from the elements. It can be a great "team building" process to bring the family together to participate in the project or you can hire the job out to professionals, but it can be rather costly so doing on your own can really SAVE YOU MONEY!


  •  Complete your "honey-do lists". Fall is a great time to start/complete any home improvement chores or tasks that you may have thinking about/putting off throughout the year...

There are so many great projects you can "do yourself" that will help to increase the value of your home as well as giving you that pride of ownership feeling and sense of accomplishment in a job well done!



Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have regarding these chores or anything else on your mind :)

*I have 30 years experience in building, maintaining, and restoration and love to share my knowledge...